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From APEC 's recent initiatives to the latest White Paper on International Trade, the Japan Export and Trade Organization provides extensive information on business relations with Japan. You'll find some great pointers for doing business in Japan, from primers on business etiquette to more complex issues surrounding distribution systems. There is ample information on global economic data, internationalization in Japan and economic trends in Japanese industry and markets. This is an extensive site, so plan on spending some time here.

EU-Japan Center
US Dept of Commerce, Asian
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Arguably one of the most important business sites for Japan on the Web.
Doing Buisness in Japan: Global Window
NTT Living Manual in Japan
A Practical Guide to Working as a Scientist in Japan by Bob Ridge
The New Mexico US-Japan Center
NCC Jpaan Information
Indiana University US-Japan National Clearinghouse
Employees: The New Breed
The Japan Information Network describes the ambitions and desires of Japanese employees.
Employment in Japan
Several articles dealing with various aspects of employment.
Impact of the 1990s Recession
White collar unemployment and the recession of the 1990's.
Yahoo's Guide to Japanese Companies



Japanese Government Web Server

This server compiles links to Japan's all-important Ministries. It's easy to find out about the latest government scandal, current official commentary and proposed reforms. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explores APEC and concerns about North Korea. Economic gloom pervades the halls of the Ministry of Finance­find out what Japan is doing about its continuing slump. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry provides recent White Papers on Trade, a look ahead at the World Expostion of 2005 and trade-related statistics. All Ministry sites are in English except the Ministry of Health & Welfare. There are also links to the Prime Ministers office, prefectural governments, and the Diet Library. You can also peruse a vast array of other government related sites, including the National Women's Education Center, The Export-Import Bank, and National Institute of Health.

Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Economic Planning Agency of Japan


Nikko Group Home Page

As financial markets in Japan have liberalized, the Japanese stock market has changed dramatically. Nikko financial service company provides analysis and reports organized by several branches of its extensive corporate network. Quickly locate information on the Japanese economy, business trends, and a series of indices based on Japanese stocks (there's about a month lag time for these). Start at the Nikko Stock Market Index (under the Nikko Secruties Co., Ltd.) for industry and sectoral breakdowns. If you're more interested in a general overview of the Japanese economy and trends, explore the Nikko Research Center. Profiles of particular Japanese companies can be found in the "Dynamic Corporation" section. You can also link to the Nagoya Stock Exchange. Red backgrounds tend to dominate the site, and can become a little much, but you'll find some interesting investing perspectives.



The Liberal Democratic Party

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan dominated the Japanese political system until 1993, and continues to exert a strong influence over political discourse. The LDP Web site offers an overview of the organization, basic principles and overall philosophy. Under the topics section you will find a detailed summary of the LDP's "Fundamental Approach Towards Administrative Reform" a topic of considerable import to Japan as the political system adjusts to the 21st century issues of an aging Japanese society and tougher economic competition. An organizational chart offers a bird's eye view of the various bureaus and committees contained within the party, and you can also access biographies and resumes for key party officials.

Democratic Party of Japan

Communistist Party of Japan

Socialist Democratic Party of Japan

Sakigake Party



Clickable W3 Map of Japan
Interactive Map (PARC Web Map Viewer)
Japanese Weather Information (courtesy of JWA)

Society & Culture

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Aum Shinrikyo
Hyakunin Isshu (old Japanese Tanka)
Kotowaza (Japanese proverbs) by Tim Duncan
Networks in Japan
Domains in JP (in Japanese and in English).
WWW Server Directories in Japan
Internet X-Guide to Japan Information at Stanford U.S.-Japan Technology
Nihongo Archives by Jim Breen
Japan Daruma
CyberSpace Japan
Japan Station
Japanese Classical Literature on the Web
The Japan that Can Say NO
CMB Home Page
Slice of Life Stories about Japan



Kids Window on Japan

The sights, sounds and activities created by the Stanford University team here provide a warm welcome to Japan. Navigating around the village is easy, and there's lots to see. For those curious about the language, head to school and learn the differences between hiragana, katakana and kanji. While you're there, explore the craft of paper-folding, origami, and see if you can make a crane from single sheet of paper! Do you think you would like to try a Japanese breakfast? Drop by the restaurant and find out about miso soup, and what a chicken donburi looks like. Each dish comes illustrated and guaranteed to make you hungry! Join Momotaro, the Peach Boy, on his adventures, and read some other Japanese children's tales in the library. Older kids (and adults) might want to read recent news clippings from daily Japanese newspapers in "What's New." Don't miss the art gallery­it is full of drawings and pictures by kids in Japan and from around the world. A wonderful site that will soon offer even more places to explore.

Kids Web Japan