WorldWeave's List of International Government and Political Economy Links



Annual Report-IADB (Inter-American Development Bank)
Economic and Social Progress in Latin America (also annually)
Asian Development Bank Annual Report and Outlook
Background Notes On The Countries Of The World
Bureau of Public Affairs, U.S. State Department

CIA World Factbook
The CIA offers a statistical overview and political narrative of countries around the world.
Commission on Global Governance
Information and debate on the concept of a global government.
Country Studies/Area Handbook Program
The Federal Research Division at the Library of Congress currently offers a multitude of country studies.
The Economist
This is the best English-language source for international news and updates. Sadly, the site offers a mere sampling of their full magazine coverage, but it's better than nothing.
Elections Worldwide
European Commission
G-7 News
G-7 Government On-Line Project
Int'l Bureau of Chambers of Commerce
For global networks that exchange business experience and expertise
International Trade Administration, U.S.
The U.S. Department of Commerce Homepage offers international trade data and substantive links.
The IMD Competitiveness Yearbook
How competitive is the United States in relation to the rest of the industrialized world on issues like economics, finance, government, management, and technological criteria?
A solid resource for international business information: over 200 links for regional and country information.
National Parliaments
This comprehensive collection of national parliament Web sites ranges from rudimentary outlines of government agencies and political groups to detailed "Who's Who" biographies, current debates and policy decisions. Most have English pages, but some are available only in the native language (typically Spanish). A great place to start researching countries of interest.
National Trade Data Bank
International trade data from the U.S. Department of Commerce.
National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers
Want to know which of the U.S.'s trading partners is on the outs? Check out the country by country description of trade and investment barriers.
Bernkopf's Guide to Ministries of Finance and Economy
A guide to international ministries.
OECD Economic Surveys
There is a Survey for each of the 24 members of the OECD as well as other "partners in transition."
Statistical Yearbook
This UN publication presents statistics at the world, regional, and country levels.
World Debt Tables; External Debt of Developing Countries
Debt analysis for over 150 developing countriess.
International Organizations

APEC Executive Secretariat

International Labor Organization
An informative, though overwhelming, resource. Links in the "Target" section are legion.
Designed to safeguard Europe, NATO agencies direct a variety of programs and play a key role in peacekeeping exercises. Anyone interested in the defense concerns of Europe, NATO expansion and other issues will find a current perspective here.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development provides a venue through which governments of the industrialised democracies can study and formulate economic and social policies. The site offers a variety of economic, labor and trade statisticsfor the 27 member states from North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific area.
The United Nations
Symbol of global cooperation, peace and security for over 50 years, the UN is stuggling to find viability and a mission into the 21st Century. Explore this estimable institution's history, current initiatives and official documentation.
The UN System Web Locator
Search across category, agency and organizational boundaries to find the information you are looking for.
World Trade Organization
Dedicated to free markets and trade liberalization, the WTO works to ensure business opportunities for exporters and importers. Trade policies and practices of member nations are reviewed in detail.
World Index of Chambers of Commerce
World Bank: Finance and Development
Quarterly publication
Egypt - Governates Web
South African Constitutional Assembly
See how South Africa developed its new constitution based on submissions by the population and political party members. A rare opportunity to watch the democratic political process in progress.
South African Public Administration
South African Business Pages
An introduction to companies doing business in Africa, an overview of the African Stock Exchange and some insight into this huge continent.
African Governments on the WWW
Originally composed of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, ASEAN has since expanded to include Brunei Darussalam and Vietnam. Members combine their resources to promote economic, social and cultural development of the region. Lots of info on specific programs, trade statistics and helpful links.
ASEAN related links
Provided by the Voice of Asia.
Asian Sources On-Line
A database of Asian products and suppliers for volume buyers. Products, suppliers and products from over 39 industries.
Voice of Asia
Offers a nice compilation of links, with particular focus on ASEAN countries.
Asia Pacific Mangement Forum
A networking and information service for anyone interested in Asia Pacific organization. Includes research updates, management news, and cross-cultural stories.
Burma (Myanmar) Land of the Pagodas
China Chamber of International Commerce
Directory of Electronic Sources for Chinese Business and Economy
For a comprehensive overview of media resources on China and other parts of Asia, this Web page is hard to beat.
World Chinese Business Center
Information on Chinese businesses operating around the world; its Trade Opportunities section is particularly useful.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Government Information Centre
Hong Kong Star Internet
Countdown to 1997
The South China Morning Post maintains this site, and supplies recent news clippings that relate to Hong Kong and the 1997 transfer. Anyone involved in trade with or through Hong Kong will be interested in the Business Issues section, which discusses a variety of topics including borders/customs, investment in Hong Kong, and the Stock Exchange.
Bombay Stock Exchange
Provides an introduction to the markets and businesses.
The Indian Parliament Home Page
This site describes the workings and accomplishments of the Indian legislative bodies in great detail. Peruse the text at your leisure or search by keyword. Transcriptions of debates beginning in 1947 in the Constituent Assembly provide a fascinating glimpse into the first days of Indian independence from Great Britain.
India: Science and Technology Pointers
Pusdata On-Line: Indonesia
This Web site is the result of the Indonesian Government's efforts to promote small and medium size enterprises to the global community. Great info if you follow the link to the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Trade.
A great list of links for those starting to research Indonesia.
Japanese Companies
Japanese Government Web Server
This server compiles Japan's all-important Ministries and provides a convenient spring board for the researcher, student or businessperson.
American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
EU-Japan Center
US Dept of Commerce, Asian
Korean Education Network
South Korea
Good site for history, not as strong on government info. Also graphic heavy.
South Korea
North Korea
North Korea's debut Internet Web site, you'll find an intriguing window into this reclusive North Asian country.
Laos: Travel Information
Laos: Information
Gopher Laos
Information on human rights, travel, etc.
Macau Home Page
Mahathir Watch
Voice of Asia's section that keeps a close eye on the Malaysian PM.
Malaysia: Standards and Industrial Reseach Institute
Malaysia: FTP files
Malaysia Government and Politics
Facts and information about the Malaysian economy, politics and social change. Links to most Ministries, non-governmental organizations and political parties.
Malaysia Government Home Page
Pacific Islands
Micronesia Zone
This site provides a collection of links and information resources for the Federated State of Micronesia. It includes text, graphics, audio and video.
University of the South Pacific
Home page of a regional university of the 12 member nations: Solomon Islands - Vanuatu - Fiji - Tuvalu - Kiribati - Marshall Islands - Tokelau - Niue - Western Samoa - Tonga - Cook Islands - Nauru
Pakistan General Information
Includes a country profile of Pakistan, Radio Pakistan times and frequencies and links to other sources in Pakistan. There is also a link to women's resources related to Pakistan.
Pakistan and Islam
Pakistan Search
Your link to all things Pakistani
Philippine Business Online
Philippines Government
BusinessTimes Singapore Online
For anyone interested in Asian business and financial markets this is a wonderful Web site. News, stock quotes, links.
Singapore Customs Page
Whether you are moving to Singapore, traveling through for pleasure or business, or setting up a long-term trade relationship, it behooves you to check out this site before your arrival.
Young PAP
Follow PAP election campaigns and observe results at the Election Watch.
Singapore Statistics
Tibet: Nyingma Centers
A collection of documents and images describing activities and research programs of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Also listed are addresses and contact information of centres worldwide.
Japan Tibet Home Page
Lots of links in Japanese and English
Ministry of Commerce: Dept. Export Promotion, Thailand
The Department of Export Promotion is part of Thailand's Ministry of Commerce, and the emphasis here is on selling Thai goods. You'll also find some facts and figures on Thailand's geography, population and culture.
Vietnam: Nguoi Dan Web Magazine
A non-commercial magazine in Vietnamese and English; discusses political, social, and cultural aspects of Vietnam.
Australian Government Home Page
This Web central of Australian Government sites allows you to find general information, specific agencies, and policy information. Ministries are a mere click away. There are ample links to other informative sites like the National Library of Australia, Australian Federal Legislation on-line, and the A to Z guide to Australia.
The Australia Financial Services Directory
Information on the Australia Stock Exchange, leading financial indicators, market analyses and investment news.

Australia Commonwealth

Australia Embassy in US

US-Australia Relations
New Zealand Government Web Page
New Zealand's constitution, ministries and a multitude of links. The Ministry of Commerce has the greatest number of publications on-line; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade is also a tremendous resource.
Government of Fiji
Government of Canada Internet Guide
The be all end all for Canadian government, political and economic links.
Dept. Finance: Canada
Canadian Parliamentary Review
The Baltics Regional Node
The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Information on politics and business in this newly established country.
The Estonia Country Guide
Estonia: from finance to culture to government resources.
Go here to answer all questions about the EU, and separate Eurofact from Euromyth.
Information on who is running the running the European Union Parliament and the issues being discussed.
The European Union
EuroBusiness Center
A comprehensive Web site for European business. The links are superb -- if you can get past the intimidation of a foreign language, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to find the major business, financial and media organizations throughout Europe.
Belgian Federal Government
The Czech Republic
Danish Election Results
Ministry of Affairs - France
A beautifully designed Web site, with summaries of French history, geography, economics, social issues and politics.
The French Senate
France: Ministry of Culture
Facts About Germany
The German Ministry of Press and Information offers an extensive network to the latest news, statistics, general information and German government ministries.
German Government Servers
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Greece
Get ready for the 2004 Olympic games! Offers an overview of core foreign policy issues and describes regional economic cooperation efforts in the Balkans.
Hungarian Government Pages
Somewhat haphazard and confused; but provides links to several of the Ministries and data regarding Hungary's foreign and domestic economics. The US official mirror site tends to be unreliable -- you can also try which will bring you to the Table of Contents for the Prime Minister's Office.
Hungarian Foreign Ministry
Ministry of Industry & Trade: Hungary
Windows on Italy
Somewhat dry, but provides information on the foundation for the societal, governmental and judicial systems of Italy.
Italian World Wide Web Directory

The Netherlands

Republic of Poland
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is your best bet for information here.
The Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic
Country information (government, demography. economics, etc.) on 16 Arab countries.
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs site provides basic information about the Ministry, recent developments in Israel, and an overview of Israeli government and society.
The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Turkey
Discusses politics, economics and cultural issues. Among the Top Ten issues you will find information about investing in Turkey, human rights, and an overview of Turkey's foreign and banking policies.
Russian Legislative Database
The only free-of-charge, full-text legislative database on Russian laws available on the Net (in Russian only).
Ex-USSR Information
Russian Government
Official Documentation and Information of Norway
The central web server for the Norwegian Prime Minister's Office and the various Ministries. Facts and figures about Norwegian society, industry and education.
Norwegian Social Science Data
Norway On-Line Service
Statistics Norway
Swedish Government Web Site - Information Rosenbad
The Swedish Institute


Brazil's Government On-Line
The Chilean Government Network

Costa Rica

Economic Information of Mexico
Catch the Mexican government's latest commentary on the economy. Summaries provide detailed analysis of debt, reform and macroeconomic projections. Great links section.
Center for Latin American Capital Markets Research
Indispensable for anyone with business or financial interests in Latin America.




The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Check this site for foreign policy speeches and statements on late breaking news. Links to the CCTA's central UK government site allow you to search all the UK public sector servers, and there are several links to other national and multinaitonal organizations. Brings you to the heart of Britain's international relations.
Government of Ireland
Links to all of Ireland's governmental agencies, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Health, the Office of Public Works and the Department of Agriculture. Also offers the complete texts of the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the Joint Declaration of December 1993, the Joint Framework Document, and the Mitchell Report.