So what is everyone up to these days? Here's a recent summary of what is going on in classmates' lives. Here is the heart and soul of the newletter! Set up alphabetically, the content is as accurate as possible.


Ahuja, Atul and Priya Vijayan ('92) -- Now married for two years, Priya and Atul continue to live and work in Australia. Atul is reported to be working hard and Priya is organizing her own business. They report that Pat and Ruth (Class of '92) visited recently and have booked their guest room for the 2000 Olympics.

Amin, Kenana -- Kenana recently changed jobs and is now working for US AID in Jordon.

Amin, Madiha -- Madiha switched jobs and is now working as a technical editor for a computer company called Comsoft in Jordan. Check out their Web site at

Anyanwu, Ikechuku -- Last rumored to be living and working in Japan.

Bhanap, Jiten -- Jiten left his job with Garware securites and is currently working for the Bloomberg agency in Bombay. He and his wife were blessed with the birth of a baby boy in 1996!

Bharathraj, Krishna -- Krishna was transfered by the Bank of Tokyo from his job in Japan to Bombay to head up their FOREX department. After 5 and a half years in Japan, it sounds like he's happy to be back in India for awhile. On his way home he visited with Naresh in Singapore.

Carlson, Debbie -- Still lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She branched out into freelance writing/editing/Web page development in the summer of 1996. In August of 1997 she will marry David Blatner. The guest room is always open to old firends, and the most recent occupant was Patrice Oppie.

Gang, Wang -- at last report Wang was working for the China Asia Pacific Import & Export Company in Shenzhen. He works in their international section and would love to hear from fellow IUJers!

Kadowaki, Hiroshi -- Continues to work for New Japan Securities in Osaka.

Lekhyananda, Pangkwan -- at last report Pangkwan was working for Ogilvy and Mather in Bangkok.

Makhijani, Naresh -- Naresh was married in April of 1996 to Dyah N. Kusumowasdani, and on April 17, 1997 they had a beautiful baby daughter. Her name is Sherni (Lioness) Makhijani. Congratulations! Naresh has been busy working on several consulting jobs and creating Makhijani and Associates. He travels extensively throughout Asia, with a home base in Singapore.

Mann, Julie -- Julie continues to live and work in the Washington, D.C. area. She enjoys her work for with US AID and has traveled several times to various parts of Central America. Imelda the cat lived with her temporarily, before taking off one day never to return.

Oppie, Patrice ('94) -- Patrice left Japan in the fall of 1996, and after visiting Hawaii, Seattle and the East Coast decided to eventually settle in Hawaii. She is temporarily in Texas, adjusting to life in the US.

Osborn, Amy -- Amy moved back to the US from Japan in the spring of 1996 and has been working in New York and living in East Hampton since her return.

Oteng, Maxwell -- Moved to California during September 1996 to pursue a Ph.D. in economics at the University of California Santa Cruz. He is having a great time between hard work and busy exam shedules. He is hoping to travel in the US and welcomes contacts with fellow IUJers!

Prasodjo, Bambang Ari -- Ari keeps very busy, but is enjoying work and life in Indonesia. He works in the international division of his bank.

Tjong, Joseph -- at last report he was in Indonesia working as a project manager for a construction company.

Vongpatanasin, Theera -- last heard to be working for Cooper Lybrand in Bangkok.

I realize that this is far from a comprehensive list of classmates, and I would love to hear more! So e-mail with your latest news, contact information etc. and stay connected!