Asian Women Links

Whether you are interested in researching women in Asia, or if you are an Asian woman looking for resources on the Web, you'll find some starting points here.

Asian Women Out Loud
South Asian Women's Net
Asian Sites
IUJ's Library List of Sites for Asian Women
Asian-American Resources
Berkeley Information Network,-1/browse
DePaul Diversity Pages
The Asian Women's Fund
(payment from Japan to Asian women used as "comfort women" during WWII)
San Francisco Asian Women's Shelter
Study of Asian Women moving to Nottingham, England
Amina's List of South Asian Resources
A-Z Asian Women Community Development
Asian Men Support Site
More Spaces for Women
asian-Asian American Connection
The Asian Task Force on Violence Against Women
Stereotypes of Asians in American Media
Library Guide
More Library Guides: Feminism
UC Riverside
Asia American Studies