The future depends on humanity's ability to transcend the limits of individual cultures.
--Edward T. Hall

The following are personal explorations of the global nomad experience.

Being a Global Nomad: The Pros and Cons

A look at the bright side and not-so-bright sides of growing up global. A primer for those who are contemplating an international move (or several) and wondering what long term effects their children may experience. Debbie Carlson began her nomadic voyages at the age of a year and a half and spent over fifteen years of child- and young adulthood living in Japan, Germany and England.

Families on the Move

What happens when everyone in the family wants to move -- except one person? What happens when the inevitable stress of moving begins to take a toll on family relationships? Find out what families can keep in mind to alleviate the tension from Barbara F. Schaetti. Bobbie is the President of Transition Dynamics, an international training and consulting firm serving expatriate families.

Phoenix Rising: A Question of Cultural Marginality

When you grow up in several different countries, where do you call home? Do you identify yourself by country, or family, or religion? What happens when you feel home everywhere and nowhere at once? Barbara Schaetti explores the questions of cultural identity for global nomads.

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